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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: 250.txt

The 800-250 test exchange

SMS/800 Number Administration Committee (SNAC)

OBF 53 Meeting Record

January 8-10, 1996

Host: Sprint-LTD

Points Noted:

2. Regarding Action Item 2 (clarification of 2 or 4 test numbers per toll
   free code), it was noted that there are currently four active 888 test
   numbers provided to each SCP owner/operator company. This allows
   utilization of the Bellcore "test tool" before SCPs are ready for 888.
   It was suggested that this is sufficient for testing purposes.

3. It was noted that additional numbers were assigned but may or may not be
   used by companies. Additionally, these additional test numbers can only
   be utilized after SCP pairs are loaded with the 7.1 Release.

4. It was noted that as SCP pairs come up, RESP ORGs will need to
   re-initiate loads to ensure that their 888 test numbers are downloaded
   to each SCP pair.

5. It was noted that 888 test record downloads could occur as soon as an
   SCP pair is up, but testing must utilize 888 250 test numbers.

6. It was noted that DSMI, the SMT and the NASC are collaborating on
   procedures to inform all RESP ORGs as to when SCP pairs go up so that
   RESP ORGs can begin downloading their 888 250 numbers for testing.


[ excerpt from NECA Newsbrief 06/96 ]
[ ]

The Installation, Testing & Maintenance (ITM) Committee of the Network
Operations Forum (NOF) has completed discussion on provisions for an
IntraLATA 1+ test number. Working with the Industry Numbering Committee
(INC), agreement was reached to use (Home Numbering Plan Area) 700-4141
industry-wide to enable customers to verify, in areas where there is toll
competition, which company they have presubscribed. IntraLATA service
providers are expected to provide a recorded announcement to identify the
carrier. (NOF Issue No. 230)

The ITM committee also concluded discussion on permanent 888 toll-free code
test numbers. Originally, test numbers were used only for the introduction
of 888 and were scheduled to be discontinued on June 1. The committee
recognized the need for a permanent capability to test network upgrades and
modifications involving Signaling System 7 Service Switching Points (SSPs).
The new numbers will enable validating network upgrades, call routing and

The Industry Numbering Committee has reserved the numbers 800/888 250-0000
through 1499 to be used as test numbers. Individual 800/888 service
providers will terminate their numbers in recorded announcements to provide
the identification. (NOF Issue No. 235)


[ excerpt from SNAC OBF 55 ]
[ ]

SMS/800 Number Administration Committee
OBF 55 Meeting Notes

Columbus, OH

Host: AT&T


The group reviewed correspondence from the NOF regarding 250 test codes
(Attachment 15).

Points Noted:

   1.It was noted that the NOF was under the impression that test numbers
     would be disconnected by the NASC after a certain amount of time. The
     NASC began reclaiming test numbers from RESP ORGs, restricting each
     RESP ORG to 2 test numbers. Now, some RESP ORGs want additional test
   2.It was noted that procedures do not exist for the procurement,
     assignment and utilization of test numbers.
   3.It was noted that the test range is 250 0000-1499 in both 800/888 250.
   4.Confusion was expressed regarding the classification of "permanent"
     and "temporary" test numbers. In response, it was noted that 800/888
     250 0000-1499 have been marked for testing purposes. Permanent figures
     are the 2 per RESP ORG, temporary are extra test number requests. The
     temporary numbers were intended to be reclaimed

Agreement Reached:

  32.It was agreed to maintain 1500 test numbers in both 800 and 888 250
     and there should be no reclamation process in place at this time. New
     RESP ORGs will be assigned two test numbers in each code by default.
     Further, it was agreed to eliminate the differentiation between
     "permanent" and "temporary" assignment of test numbers. The group
     approved related correspondence to the NOF. (Attachment 16)

Points Noted:

   5.It was suggested that 1500 877 250 test numbers will suffice for
     testing the new code.

Action Item:

   9.DSMI will release a CSB to all RESP ORGs encouraging them to
     voluntarily examine their assigned test numbers and return any that
     are unused to the NASC.

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