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QC 10-04-04
994 bytes. by Bill Borskey (2009)
iphone email client does not validate ssl certificates

2285 bytes. by Thierry Zoller (2009)
iPhone remote code execution

7690 bytes. by Collin Mulliner (2009)
iPhone Safari phone-auto-dial vulnerability (original date: Nov. 2008)

5737 bytes. by Tobias Klein (2009)
Apple iPhone OS AudioCodecs Heap Buffer Overflow

1525 bytes. by (2010)
Session Hijacking iPhone Facebook Application ver 3.1.2

1566 bytes. by (2010)
iPhone certificate flaws

807 bytes. by (2008)
A video can crash ANY iphone/ipod and a few libraries.

1319752 bytes. by SMobile (2010)
Study of Blackberry Proof-of-Concept Malicious Applications
3137 bytes. by (2009)
Blackberries Mobile Data Service Connection Service XSS

8543 bytes. by iDefense Labs (2009)
RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server Attachment Service PDF Distiller 'symWidths' Heap Overflow

8414 bytes. by iDefense Labs (2009)
RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server Attachment Service PDF Distiller 'bitmaps' Heap Overflow

8764 bytes. by iDefense Labs (2009)
RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server Attachment Service PDF Distiller Uninitialized Memory

1802 bytes. by (2010)
XSS and Content Injection in HTC Windows Mobile SMS Preview PopUp

7807 bytes. by (2009)
HTC / Windows Mobile OBEX FTP Service Directory Traversal

1561 bytes. by Mobile Security Lab (2009)
HTC Touch vCard over IP Denial of Service PoC Code

4141 bytes. by Mobile Security Lab (2008)
HTC Touch vCard over IP Denial of Service

3940 bytes. by (2010)
Motorola Milestone Smartphone Denial of Service

4381 bytes. by Davide Del Vecchio (2007)
Retrieving "deleted" sms/mms from Nokia phone (Symbian S60)

3493 bytes. by Collin Mulliner (2009)
Nokia 6212 classic URI spoofing and DoS advisory (original date: Dec. 2008)

2474 bytes. by Bernhard Mueller (2009)
Pwning Nokia phones (and other Symbian based smartphones)

6096 bytes. by Collin R. Mulliner (2008)
Nokia 6131 NFC URI/URL Spoofing and DoS Advisory

4549 bytes. by (2008)
Nokia Browser Array Sort Denial Of Service Vulnerability

1489 bytes. by (2009)
Nokia Multimedia Player (.AVI File) Null Dereference Pointer Exploit

1806 bytes. by (2009)
Nokia Multimedia Player v1.1 .m3u Heap Overflow PoC exploit

4692 bytes. by (2008)
Nokia N70/N73 Bluetooth Stack OBEX Implementation Denial of Service

1450 bytes. by (2009)
Nokia N95 browser "setAttributeNode" method crash

1441 bytes. by (2009)
Nokia N95-8 browser denial of service

1384 bytes. by (2009)
Nokia N95-8 JPG crash

6303 bytes. by (2009)
Nokia Phoenix Service Software 2008.04.007.32837 overflow POC

2787 bytes. by (2009)
Palm Pre WebOS 1.0.4 Remote execution of arbitrary HTML code vulnerability

2840 bytes. by (2009)
Palm Pre WebOS <=1.1 Remote File Access Vulnerability

2008 bytes. by (2009)
Palm Pre WebOS version <= 1.1 Floating Point Exception

1142 bytes. by avivra (2007)
Using CSRF to Attack Mobile Phones

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