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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Cellular - Misc. :: terms.htm

Glossary of Cellular Telephony Terms


Title: Definitions

Author: Mntfloppy

Date: 10.14.2000

Here is a list of some words used in the cellular industry and there definitions.



ACD (AD or FMR+) Automatic Call Delivery: a call delivery system that delivers calls automatically.


Access Number Telephone numbers used in combination with ten-digit cellular number to reach a Roaming customer.


CGSA Cellular Geographic Service Area.


Clone A fraudulent cellular unit which uses the MIN and ESN of a legitimate customer.


ESN Electronic Serial Number.


EVRC Enhanced Variable Rate Coding: A System enhancement to improve the quality of our digital systems as well as adding many other enhancements to our digital system.


FMR Follow ME Roaming: A call delivery system (*18+SEND daily or in each new city)


Foreign Roamer A customer Roaming in a different cellco's system.


Fraud Manager Program used by GTE-TSI to validate Roamers.


HLR Home Locator Registration: A switch database that contains information regarding the current locations/validation status of customers.


HRR Home Rate Roaming: Roaming airtime billed at the same rate as in the home area.


MIN Mobile Identification number: Cellular number including the area code.


NOC Network Operations Center.


NPA/NXX Area code and prefix.


PRL Preferred Roaming List: phones that are hard coded with a predetermined list of SID codes


RSA Rural Service Area


SID System Identification code: a 5 digit number programmed in a phone and cellular towers. The SID identifies a mobile unit as a Roamer


Validation Process that takes place when the customer is Roaming outside their home area to verify the customer is a valid Roamer

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