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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Cellular - Misc. :: snarf.txt

Cell Snarfing Update

Hello again.
        Much has happened since the release of SNARF!.TXT & SNARF2.TXT. 
I released a file called PAIRINFO.TXT, which provided information on the 
decoding procedure to be applied once the datastream had been recovered.

The major purpose of this Tfile is to set some sort of ISO standard for
snarfers, I will also include some additional information that may be 
useful to budding snarfer builders.

DaVeX. July 1995.


To enable software to be compatible with all snarfers, I propose the 

        1}   All data recovery to TTL including XOR to be done in hardware.

        2}   The interface to the PC to be CELLTRAK compatible.

             Pin 10 = clock
             Pin 15 = data

             This will allow hardware to be tested before the software
             is written. Run up CELLTRAK, and once monitoring of the 
             forward channel is underway, remove the lead from the 
             parallel port and plug in the snarfer hardware with the 
             input tuned to a forward channel too, if normal paging 
             info continues to scroll up the screen and the busy/idle 
             flag on the status bar behaves normally, then you can be 
             99.9% sure your hardware is werking correctly.

        3}   Software must recognise inverted data and take the nescessary
             steps. ( See additional info (1) below.)

        4}   All snarfer builders following these guidelines pay 100 quid
             into my swiss bank acc. :-)

This will achieve two results, hardware will be relatively simple to test,
and it opens the door to all the ace coders without hardware to develop 
software for snarfing indepently of hardware builders.

For those without PC's that are attempting to get snarfing, GO BUY A PC!

                            Additional info

        This is just extra info that may or may not be useful whilst trying
to build the hardware.

        1}      The ETACS and AMPS specifications define a NRZ encoded logic 1
                as a LOW to HIGH transition in the center of a databit period.
                The polarity of the demodulated datastream is dependent on the 
                local oscillator in the receiver being used.

        2}      Clock recovery extracts an 8 or 10 kHz (ETACS or AMPS) phase
                locked clock signal from the Manchester encoded datastream.

        3}      Manchester decoding is achieved by exclusive ORing the 
                recovered Manchester encoded data with the recovered clock.

        4}      The clock recovery PLL on the reverse control channel has
                3.75ms of dotting (ETACS) and 3ms (AMPS) in which to lock,
                or wordsync will be missed.

         5}     A transmitted pair (along with the dross) takes 156ms to send.
                (ETACS). 125ms (AMPS).

         6}     Snarfing follows an exponetially square qubic variant of sods
                law, you either get loads or fuck all.


                Maelstrom (long live the legend)

                                   C00l B0ards
                The Sprawl
                Unauthorised Access

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