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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Cellular - Misc. :: irm_mi~1.txt

IRM/MIN Codes (Cellular)

         <<< IRM / MIN-Codes Cellular Documentation >>> 

Written by: The Clone
Date: Thursday November 4, 1999

	   "Like Mah-Bell I've got the ill-communication!"
			  - Beastie Boys

  This document has been written for all persons yearning for 
that cellular information. More specifically information on
AMPS and the international standards involved. Lately I've 
gotten several e-mails asking me if I have any documents on the 
topic of cellular phones. My initial response is always "no". 
             This file is about to change that all. 


[_What is an IRM?_]

'IRM; International Roaming MIN'

An IRM is a four digit prefix designated by IFAST 
(International Forum on AMPS Standards Technology)
that attempts to assist international roaming by minimizing
conflicts with North American MIN standards which are usually
based on their 10 digit directory number. 

[_IRM Format_]

+ The format of an IRM is as follows: 0-XXX+6D or 1-XXX-6D

+ This format again is designated by IFAST constrained to 
  having the first digit a "0" or "1". 

+ The last 6 digits of an IRM are allocated by the carrier.


[_MIN / MIN-Codes_]

(Available in PDF format:

In the past a MIN is a 10 digit number that has been programmed as
the Mobile Directory Number (MDN). As a result, conflicts with MINS
in various countries hiders international AMPS based roaming standards.

At the present time there are no centralized administration for MINS
and their formats. By listing all the known MINs assignments we can
get a better look at how MINs and roaming in the AMPS locations work.

! For the convenience of all fellow Canadians, 
I'll list the few Canadian Roaming MIN Codes (CRMC) first:  

1627 Mobility Canada 
1982 Mobility Canada 
1987 Mobility Canada 

	International Roaming MIN Codes:

   000X Over-the-Air Service Provisioning Worldwide
   001X Cellemetry LLC USA
   002X Cellemetry LLC USA
   003X Cellemetry LLC USA
   004X Cellemetry LLC USA
   005X Cellemetry LLC USA
   006X Cellemetry LLC USA   
   007X Cellemetry LLC USA
   008[8-9] Entel Movil Chile
   0090 Orbcomm Global mobile satellite
   010[1-4] SK Telecom Korea
   0109 SK Telecom Korea
   011[0-1] SK Telecom (Reserved until 2001) Korea
   011[2-8] SK Telecom (formerly Korea Mobile Telecom) Korea
   0119 Telesp Brasil
   0127 BellSouth International GSM to AMPS Roaming
   0128 Piltel Philippines
   0129 Telesp Brasil
   013[0-8] Unicom (reserved) China
   0139 Telesp Brasil
   014X Cellemetry LLC USA
   0159 Telesp Brasil
   016[2-8] KT Freetel Korea
   0169 KT Freetel/Telesp Request conflict. Assignment TBD. Korea/Brasil
   017[2-8] Shinsegi Republic of Korea
   0179 Telesp Brasil
   018[8-9] Mobikom Malaysia     
   0191 Telet Brazil
   019[2-8] LG Telecom Korea
   0199 LG Telecom/Telesp request. Assignment TBD. Korea/Brazil
   0209 Tele2000 Peru
   0219 Tele2000 Peru
   022[2-7] Globalstar Global Satellite
   0229 Tele2000 Peru
   0239 Tele2000 Peru
   0240 Globalstar Global Satellite
   0242 Globalstar Global Satellite
   0244 Globalstar Global Satellite
   0249 Tele2000 Peru
   0259 Tele2000 Peru
   0269 Tele2000 Peru
   0279 Tele2000 Peru
   0289 Tele2000 Peru
   0299 Tele2000 Peru
   030X Unicom (reserved) China
   0311 Maxitel Minas Gerais Brazil
   0316 Telemig Brazil               
   0319 Telemig Brazil
   0321 Maxitel Minas Gerais Brazil
   0329 Telemig Brazil
   0331 Maxitel Minas Gerais Brazil
   0339 Telemig Brazil
   0341 Maxitel Minas Gerais Brazil
   0348 Telefonica del Espana (GSM-AMPS Roaming) Spain
   0349 Telemig Brazil
   0351 Maxitel Minas Gerais Brazil
   0359 Telemig Brazil
   0369 Telemig Brazil
   0371 Maxitel Minas Gerais Brazil
   038X NACN GSM Gateway USA
   0391 Telet Brazil
   0399 Telemig Brazil
   0419 Telpar Celular Brazil
   0429 Telpar Celular Brazil
   0439 Telpar Celular Brazil
   0449 Telpar Celular Brazil
   0459 Telpar Celular Brazil  
   0466 CTI Movil Argentina
   0469 Telpar Celular Brazil
   0470 CTI Movil Argentina
   047[1-8] CTI Movil Argentina
   0479 Telesc Celular Brazil
   0489 Telesc Celular Brazil
   0491 Telet Brazil
   0499 Telesc Celular Brazil
   05XX Wireless carriers Mexico
   060X Cellemetry LLC USA
   061X Communications Authority of Thailand Thailand
   0619 Americel Brazil
   0625 Setel Curaçao
   0629 Americel Brazil
   0639 Americel Brazil
   0658 Singtel Mobile Singapore
   0659 MobileOne (Asia) Singapore
   0660 Chunghwa Telecom Taiwan, the Republic of China
   0662 Chunghwa Telecom Taiwan, the Republic of China
   067[6-7] Cable and Wireless Panama   
   0679 Americel Brazil
   0689 Americel Brazil
   0691 Telet Brazil
   0699 Americel Brazil
   0702 Globalstar Global Satellite
   0704 Globalstar Global Satellite
   0706 Globalstar Global Satellite
   0708 Globalstar Global Satellite
   0710 Globalstar Global Satellite
   0711 Maxitel Bahia Brazil
   0712 Globalstar Global Satellite
   0714 Globalstar Global Satellite
   071[8-9] Telebahia Brazil
   072[6-9] Telest Brazil
   0731 Maxitel Bahia Brazil
   0732 Comcel Colombia
   0733 Wireless carriers Colombia
   0734 Comcel Colombia
   0735 Cocelco Colombia
   0736 Celcaribe S.A. (Millicom) Colombia  
   0737 Wireless carriers Colombia
   073[8-9] Telebahia Brazil
   0740 Telecom Personal Paraguay Paraguay
   0741 Maxitel Bahia Brazil
   0744 Millicom Paraguay
   0748 BellSouth Ecuador Ecuador
   0749 BellSouth Ecuador Ecuador
   0751 Maxitel Bahia Brazil
   075[6-8] Telerj Brazil
   0759 Telebahia Brazil
   0764 Millicom Bolivia
   0765 Millicom El Salvador
   0766 Millicom Guatemala
   0767 Millicom Honduras
   0771 Maxitel Bahia Brazil
   077[6-8] Telerj Brazil
   0779 Telebahia Brazil
   078[6-9] CRT Brazil
   0791 Maxitel Sergipe Brazil
   079[6-9] Telergipe Brazil           
   080X Cellemetry LLC USA
   0811 BCP Sao Paulo Brazil
   0812 BCP Sao Paulo Brazil
   0819 Telpe Celular Brazil
   0823 BCP Sao Paulo Brazil
   0829 Telasa Celular Brazil
   0833 BCP Sao Paulo Brazil
   0839 Telpa Celular Brazil
   0844 BCP Sao Paulo Brazil
   0849 Telern Celular Brazil
   0851 BCP Sao Paulo Brazil
   0859 Teleceara Celular Brazil
   0864 BCP Sao Paulo Brazil
   0869 Telepisa Celular Brazil
   0880 ICO Global mobile satellite
   0882 BCP Sao Paulo Brazil
   0883 Globalstar Global Satellite
   088[6-7] Iridium International Satellite
   088[8-9] Globalstar Global Satellite
   0900 Unicom (reserved) China   
   0901 Entel Movil Bolivia
   090[2-9] Unicom China
   091X Unicom China
   092X Unicom China
   093X Unicom China
   094X Unicom China
   0950 Vimpelcom Russia
   0951 Unicom (reserved) China
   0952 Vimpelcom Russia
   095[3-6] Unicom (reserved) China
   0957 Vimpelcom Russia
   0958 Unicom (reserved) China
   0959 Vimpelcom Russia
   096X Unicom (reserved) China
   097[0-1] Unicom (reserved) China
   097[2-3] Pele-Phone Israel
   0974 Express Telecommunications Philippines
   097[5-9] Unicom (reserved) China
   098X Unicom China
   099[0-6] Unicom China          
   0997 Unicom (reserved) China
   0998 HighwayMaster USA
   0999 Globalstar Global Satellite
   1000 Cellemetry LLC USA
   101X Cellemetry LLC USA
   1027 BellSouth Nicaragua Nicaragua
   1038 Telefonica del Salvador El Salvador
   1048 CTE Telecom Personal El Salvador
   109X GTE Mobilnet USA
   110X Rogers Cantel Canada
   1118 Telefonica del Peru Peru
   1119 Telefonica del Peru Peru
   1126 Telesp Brasil
   1128 Telesp Brasil
   1129 Telefonica del Peru Peru
   1139 Telefonica del Peru Peru       
   1149 Telefonica del Peru Peru
   1159 Telefonica del Peru Peru
   1169 Telefonica del Peru Peru
   1179 Telefonica del Peru Peru
   1189 Telefonica del Peru Peru
   1190 SK Telecom Korea
   119[1-4] BCP Sao Paulo Brazil
   119[5-8] SK Telecom Korea
   1199 Telefonica del Peru Peru
   1201 UPS USA (data system)
   1212 UPS USA (data system)
   1220 Unifon Argentina
   1221 Unifon Argentina
   122[2-5] Unifon Argentina
   125[2-9] UPS USA (data system)
   126[2-4] UPS USA (data system)
   126[6-7] UPS USA (data sys tem)
   1269 UPS USA (data system)
   127[2-4] UPS USA (data system)
   1276 Cellular One of Boston (Southwestern Bell)/ HighwayMaster USA    
   1276 UPS USA (data system)
   127[8-9] UPS USA (data system)
   128[2-9] UPS USA (data system)
   1286 Cellular One of Boston (Southwestern Bell)/ HighwayMaster USA
   1292 Cellular One of Boston (Southwestern Bell)/ HighwayMaster USA
   1292 UPS USA (data system)
   129[4-6] UPS USA (data system)
   1294 Cellular One of Boston (Southwestern Bell)/ HighwayMaster USA
   1297 Telesp Brasil
   129[8-9] UPS USA (data system)
   130[2-4] UPS USA (data system)
   1306 UPS USA (data system)
   1308 UPS USA (data system)
   1311 ReadyCom USA
   131[2-4] UPS USA (data system)
   1316 UPS USA (data system)
   1322 UPS USA (data system)
   1327 UPS USA (data system)
   1329 UPS USA (data system)
   1333 UPS USA (data system)      
   1335 UPS USA (data system)
   1339 UPS USA(data system)
   134[2-9] UPS USA (data system)
   135[2-3] UPS USA (data system)
   1357 UPS USA (data system)
   1359 UPS USA (data system)
   1363 UPS USA (data system)
   136[5-6] UPS USA (data system)
   1369 UPS USA (data system)
   137[2-8] UPS USA (data system)
   1381 Maxitel Minas Gerais Brazil
   1382 UPS USA (data system)
   1387 UPS USA (data system)
   139[2-6] UPS USA (data system)
   1397 Telesp Brasil
   139[8-9] UPS USA (data system)
   1402 UPS USA (data system)
   1404 UPS USA (data system)
   1406 UPS USA (data system)
   1408 UPS USA (data system)          
   1413 UPS USA (data system)
   141[5-6] UPS USA (data system)
   142[3-4] UPS USA (data system)
   1427 UPS USA (data system)
   1432 UPS USA (data system)
   1439 UPS USA (data system)
   1443 UPS USA (data system)
   1459 UPS USA (data system)
   1467 UPS USA (data system)
   1472 UPS USA (data system)
   147[5-7] UPS USA (data system)
   1479 UPS USA (data system)
   1486 UPS USA (data system)
   149[1-2] USA-TELL USA
   149[3-5] USA-TELL (reserved) USA
   149[6-7] UPS USA (data system)
   1498 Telesp Brasil
   1499 UPS USA (data system)
   150[5-6] UPS USA (data system)
   1507 BellSouth Panama Panama      
   1508 BellSouth Panama Panama
   1509 UPS USA (data system)
   1512 UPS USA (data system)
   1515 UPS USA (data system)
   1523 UPS USA (data system)
   1525 Globalstar Global Satellite
   1526 UPS USA (data system)
   1532 UPS USA (data system)
   1539 CTMR Celular Brazil
   154X Miniphone and Movicom Argentina
   154[3-7] UPS USA (data system)
   1554 UPS USA (data system)
   1559 UPS USA (data system)
   1562 UPS USA (data system)
   1569 Telcel Venezuela
   157[4-5] UPS USA (data system)
   157[8-9] UPS USA (data system)
   158[2-3] UPS USA (data system)
   158[2-9] Movilnet Venezuela
   158[5-9] UPS USA (data system)         
   159[0-8] Telcel Venezuela
   1599 TelCell St. Maarten
   161X Telstra Australia
   1627 Mobility Canada
   1630 (reserved) Australia
   163[1-2] Hutchison Australia
   163[3-9] (reserved) Australia
   164[0-1] NACN/AT&T Wireless GSM-AMPS Roaming
   1642 NACN/AT&T Wireless Reserved
   1653 Miniphone Argentina
   1656 Miniphone (reserved) Argentina
   1658 Miniphone (reserved) Argentina
   1659 Americel Brazil
   166[1-2] Chunghwa Telecom Taiwan, the Republic of China
   1684 UPS USA (data system)
   169[2-7] CTI Startel Chile
   169[8-9] Chilesat Chile
   1715 UPS USA (data system)
   1718 UPS USA (data system)
   174X Hutchison Hong Kong        
   175X AERIS Communications USA (data system)
   1751 GTE Mobilnet USA
   176X AERIS Communications USA (data system)
   177X AERIS Communications USA (data system)
   178X AERIS Communications USA (data system)
   179X AERIS Communications USA (data system)
   180X AERIS Communications USA (data system)
   181X AERIS Communications USA (data system)
   182X AERIS Communications USA (data system)
   183X AERIS Communications USA (data system)
   184X AERIS Communications USA (data system)
   185X AERIS Communications USA (data system)
   186X TESS Brazil
   187[0-5] Telecom Personal (future reservation) Argentina
   187[6-8] Telecom Personal Argentina
   1879 Telecom Personal (future reservation) Argentina
   1881 ICO Global mobile satellite
   188[6-7] Iridium (reserved until 2000) Global mobile satellite
   1889 Teleceara Celular Brazil
   189[6-9] Telesp Brasil     
   190[1-9] DDI Japan
   1911 DDI Japan
   192[1-9] IDO Japan
   1931 IDO Japan
   194[1-2] NTT DoCoMo Japan
   1944 Abiatar Uruguay
   195[2-3] Cellcom Israel
   1954 Abiatar (reserved) Uruguay
   1955 Ancel Uruguay
   1956 Ancel (reserved) Uruguay
   1959 Ancel Uruguay
   196X Hutchison (reserved) Hong Kong
   1973 Express Telecommunications Philippines
   1982 Mobility Canada 
   1987 Mobility Canada
   1990 Cellemetry LLC USA
   199[1-9] HighwayMaster USA    


Final Words:

There you go; IRM and MIN-Codes in a nutshell. This file
will be useful for the phreakers travelling throughout
the world. One could easily pick out missing MIN-Codes
and then doing what is known as "MIN fathering" or spoofing.
This in-turn really pisses off the administrators.
Feeling inspired to do just that? Get a hold of me, I'll
be glad to take part in the project.

Contact Info;

voice mail: 1-800-909-6042 


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