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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Cellular - Misc. :: holland.txt

Bug in cellular phones on the Dutch network YNL:

The little bug i found for cellular phones at the Dutch network. 

Yo Iím Da BaR0n and one day I found a little exploit in the Dutch cell
phone network (dunno if it works on other country's) 

Iím gona tell you all about it now, so lay down relax and read.

Well I was sitting behind my computer and I was doing some stuff and
then I had an idea, so I called a friend of my (witch I will call cd-r)
from my cellular phone (yeah I have one, you can get it if you have
cre..) so I opened op my cellular phone and dialed cd-r his number so
cd-r his began to ring, but then I pressed a little bit too hard on my
keyboard from my cell phone and pressed accidentally "*" (Without the
quotes) for a while so that a "P" (without the quotes) appeared on my
screen (A P stands for 1/8 pause for if you want to edit or make a
melody for your cell phone) and after the "P" appeared on my screen cd-r
picked up and said hello and all the crap and we began to talk over my
little idea but then I pushed again a little bit too hard on my keyboard
from my cell phone and pressed accidentally a 4 and then yes (yeah it
can be done accidentally!!) so cd-r said "What are you doing now?" so I
said "Nothin" and he said "Then why a 4 appeared on my screen?" is said
I dunno and looked on my cell phone and saw there a 4 so I told to cd-r
to hold and pressed a 5 to test and I said to cd-r "is there a 5 now on
your screen?" and he said "yeah how did you do that" I told him I dunno
so I told him to come over here to test it out and just forget the idea
of my till a later time. So he came down to my place and we began to
test I called him from my phone and maked a "p" on my screen before he
picked up and when he picked up I pressed a number on my cell phone and
pressed then yes and then on cd-r his cell phone the same number
appeared on his screen so I thought "What the f***" and then we stopped.

So what I am trying to explain to you now is why I think that's happened
so here is my explanation. 


1. First you open up a cell phone. 

2. You dial a random number. 

3. Then you make a "P" (without the quotes") in your screen BEFORE he
   picks up.

4. If he picked up you can press any random number and then press yes to
   confirm (Send).

5. If you did that the victim's phone is going to dial that number for

I only didn't figured out who is paying the call, I think the victim
gets billed.

If you press a "P" before he picks up I think the phones are opening
some sort of dcc connection together because you can send data like that

A neat thing you could do if it works withy you cell phone is call some
idiot and if he picks up you dial for him 911 or whatever the number is
for the police at your country. 

--------------B2way I used a Ericsson and a Nokia cell phone------------


So here are the instructions again: 

1. Open up cell phone. 

2. Dial victim's number. 

3. Make a "P" BEFORE he picks up. 

4. If he picks up it succeeded, you can now dial any number, (how do you
   do that?)

5. Well if he picked up his phone dial a number from your phone and then
   press yes and probably there will be shown in your screen now data
   sending or data send or something just experiment with it.

Any comments, suggestions, ideas or any other exploits or something else
mail me at:

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