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FLEX Technology Paging Frequencies by The Clone

		FLEX Technology: Paging Frequencies 
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By: The Clone
Written: Monday October 4, 1999


This file was written for all hackers, phreakers, and skanners
looking for none other than FLEX Technology Paging Frequencies. Oh my!
A few of the FLEX frequencies run off the same if not similar frequency
levels as the POCSAG protocol.  

Frequencies transmitting pager information are extremely easy to
identify while scanning. They identify each batch transmission
with a two-tone signal, followed by bursts of data.  

At the last 2600 meeting, I asked everyone who showed if I could borrow
their pagers for a moment. Being the generous folks that they are
[shouts; Cyb0rg/asm, Hex Edit, Wargames], they helped me with this 
document by allowing me to note every varying frequency for the FLEX
protocol, the brand, and the PSP (Pager Service Provider).
Now, in frequencial order here they are...

149.7700 Mhz / Motorola / Telus Mobility
929.2875 Mhz / Motorola / PAGENET    
931.6875 Mhz / Motorola [Wordline FLX] / Cantel
931.7375 Mhz / Panasonic [EN-POWR] / Telus Mobility * 
931.7385 Mhz / Panasonic [EN-POWR] / Telus Mobility *

* 931.7375 - 931.7385 0.25 Hz spacing


For the benefit of the Canadian scene, here is a general 
listing of the FLEX Technologies: Paging Frequencies.

Canadian Frequencies:
929.025 Mhz  - 931.975 Mhz *      
138.025 Mhz  - 173.975 Mhz *
406.025 Mhz  - 511.975 Mhz *

* 9.25 Hz spacing


If you have more frequencies to add, 
please feel free to contact me at any time.


URL: [Nettwerked]
Voice-mail: 1-800-909-6042

			N E T T W E R K E D
			   P R O D U C T

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