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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Cellular - Misc. :: converse.txt

How to Listen to Phone Conversations (analog cellular)

 []                                                                          []
 []                  How to listen to phone converstions..                   []
 []                 Brought to you by The Prowler & Icecube                  []
 []              Created 08/22/89; A Dark Dimension Production               []
 []                                                                          []
 [] Typed By: Icecube                                                        []

 This file is to show all you bored losers how to listen to peoples phone
conversations.  Basicly you need a Cordless Telephone and a T.V. perferable a
TV with a channel dial instead of an electric.  Anyways, be sure the phone is
charged ect.;  You'll need to put your channel to 81-83 on your T.V. then grab
your Porto and get it near the T.V.  You should start to hear some feedback and
then voila!  People talking through your T.V. LOUD and CLEAR..  Fool around
with the T.V. a little and see what you can get like a guy calling some porno
line or talking about a robbery they made.  Basicly you should at least get Car
Phones and CB.. and resident lines too.  I haven't tried it on anything but a
channel dial which is one of those old dials that you turn to change the
channel instead of the modern T.V. with the electric selector.  Apparently it
seems that your T.V. is picking up phone waves from your wire or phone company;
Antenna.  But who gives a fuck as long as it works.  Once A friend and I picked
up a conversation with the people who broke into Pacific Bell which was news in
this area.  It was getting interesting except the line kept drifting away.
Have Phun!

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