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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Cellular - Misc. :: cell_10.txt

Telecom Bandit's files on Cellular Fraud


        Here a few scanners and what it takes to modify them.  If your 
scanner is not shown here, don't worry.  Ham Radio BBS's are all over the
country.  You should be able to find the instructions for modifying your
scanner there.

Restoration of Cellular Frequency Coverage on
Radio Shack PRO-34 Handheld Scanner
1.  Remove battery cover and battery, four black screws on rear cover, and volume and squelch knobs.
2.  Remove rear cover, lifting back and up to clear controls.  Do not remove belt clip or circuit bod screws.
3.  Unplug the brown volume control connector (grn/yel/blk) and white squelch control connector (whtlk/red) from the linear circuit board.
4.  Unsolder the ground lead from T111 (at corner of linear circuit board above the external power cnectors).  Unsolder the two power switch leads from the back of the volume control.  Unsolder the atnna connector center pin and ground wires from the l
5.  Unscrew the four combination screws that hold the linear circuit board and received the back cov screws.
Grasp the linear board at the top and lift it straight away from the front case, unplugging the 16-p connector.
6.  Remove the three screws holding the metal frame assembly which held the linear board to the fronpanel.  Unplug the red-black power lead and lay the frame aside.  It is still connected to the battr contacts.
7.  Locate diodes D9 - D12 on the volume control side of the of the logic circuit board under T1; D1and D11 are marked.  Clip one lead of D11, separating the gap.  This may be resoldered later if desrd.
8.  Reassemble the board by reversing the disassembly procedures above.

Restoration of Cellular Frequency Coverage on
Radio Shack PRO-2004 Scanner

By cutting diode D513 on the PC 3 sub chassis in the Realistic PRO-2004
Scanner you can re-enable the 825.00 to 845.00 and 870-00 to 890.00 frequency
selection.  To scan in 30KHZ steps press "STEP-RESET". 

Restoration of Cellular Frequency Coverage on
Radio Shack PRO-2005 Scanner

1. Unplug the radio
2. Remove the screws and take off the top cover.
3. Look for D502 on the inside right hand-side of the front panel.
   (No need to unsolder the silver plate protecting the vertical board!)
4. Simply cut the diode and reverse the process.

        Aren't you glad I only chose to cover Radio Shack models. I'm sure
you appreciate the fact that I only deal with quality merchandise.  If you
have some cash to blow (like $500), I would recommend buying the ICOM R-1
handheld scanner.  It scans from 1 to 1400 in 1/2 step increments and already
includes the cellular frequencies.  Plus is is about as tall as a box of 3.25
floppies and about as wide as a 16 oz. coke bottle.  It is the smallest and
one of the more powerful hand-scanners around.


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