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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Cellular - Misc. :: cell_03.txt

Telecom Bandit's files on Cellular Fraud

PART III.                      TYPES OF NAMS

                     NAM Types Used in Cellular Phones

NAM- Number Assignment Module - A 32 word by 8 bit PROM
The NAM contains all the information that can be programmed to the phone
directly from the handset. (i.e. SIDH,MIN,LOCK-CODE,etc.).

All phones except NEC will accept tri-state NAMs.  NEC requires an open
collector NAM.  Fujitsu phones will accept either open collector or tri-
state NAMs.

Brand Qualifications:  Fujitsu and Alpine phones will not operate properly
with any Harris Brand NAM or with any Signetics brand NAMs with a part
number NOT ending with an "A".  TI NAMs must not be used in GE Star models.
Panasonic has suggested only TI NAMs should be used in their phones.  NAMs
are available in ceramic (F) or plastic encapsulation (N).


Signetics        82S23       82S123

Texas Inst.     74S188       74S288     TBP18SA030        TBP18S030
AMD           AM27LS18     AM27LS19        AM27S18          AM27S19

Texas Inst. TBP38SA030    TBP38S030

Harris          HM7602       HM7603

MMI            53/6330      53/6331

MMI          53/63S080    53/63S081

NSC           DM54S188     DM54S288       DM74S188

NSC            DM82S23     DM82S123

Motorola   This is for a special NAM used in some Motorolas.  Requires
           an adapter.

Fujitsu         MB7056       MB7051


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