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Asterisk 1.2.10 multiple vulns
Multiple Vulnerabilities in Asterisk 1.2.10 (Fixed in 1.2.11)
Multiple Vulnerabilities in Asterisk 1.2.10 (Fixed in 1.2.11)

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Mu Security ( ) posted details of multiple 
vulnerabilities in Asterisk which have been fixed in the latest version.

You can find more information at the Daily Asterisk News Site: 

Excerpt from their release:

Vulnerability Details:

A remote stack buffer overflow condition in Asterisk's MGCP
implementation could allow for arbitrary code execution. The vulnerable
code is triggered with the use of a malformed AUEP (audit endpoint)
response message.

A second issue exists in the handling of file names sent to the
Record()application which could lead to arbitrary code execution via a
format string attack or arbitrary file-overwrite via directory traversal
techniques. The impact of this vulnerability is minimal, however, as it
requires an administrator to use a client-controlled variable as part of
the filename.


Mu Security would like to thank the Asterisk security team for their
timely response to these issues.

A patch for the buffer overflow is available from the following link: 

To protect against the Record() vulnerability, do not use
user-controlled variables ( eg, ${CALLERIDNAME} ) as part of the the
filename argument.

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Matt Riddell
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