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TUCoPS :: Windows Net Apps :: vdns~1.htm

VdnsServer 1.0 DoS



    VdnsServer v1.0


    nemesystm of the DHC found  following.  Virtual DNS (Vdns)  allows
    users  with  DSL  &  ADSL  type  connections  to run their own web
    server with their own  domain name.  It  suffers from a denial  of

    VdnsServer 1.0 has been tested and was vulnerable.

    By opening up a connection to 6070, sending it some info and  then
    cutting  of   the  connection,   Vdns  goes   into  a   state   of
    "Default.Closed" and will not allow any other connections.

    There is perl script available on the DHC site:


    Download VdnsServer 2.0.

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