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3Com Network Supervisor Directory Traversal vuln
iDEFENSE Security Advisory 09.01.05: 3Com Network Supervisor Directory Traversal Vulnerability
iDEFENSE Security Advisory 09.01.05: 3Com Network Supervisor Directory Traversal Vulnerability

3Com Network Supervisor Directory Traversal Vulnerability 

iDEFENSE Security Advisory 09.01.05 
September 9, 2005


3Com Network Supervisor is a network monitoring application which allows

monitoring services on multiple hosts. More information is available at 
the following site: 


Remote exploitation of a directory traversal vulnerability in 3Com 
Corp.'s Network Supervisor version 5.0.2 may allow an attacker 
unauthorized access to files.

3Com Corp.'s Network Supervisor 5.0.2 contains an httpd running on port 
21700. By constructing a URL containing '../' sequences it is possible 
to access files outside of the webroot for this service.


Successful exploitation of this vulnerability would allow a remote 
attacker unauthenticated access to any file on the same filesystem 
as the server is installed on. Typically this is the C: drive, which 
also typically contains the Windows operating system files. One 
potential target may be the [SYSTEMROOT]\repair\sam file, which contains

user password information for the system. Tools are available, which 
will recover the password from this file. With this password, an 
attacker may gain access to the vulnerable system.

As the vulnerable tool is designed for network administration, it is
likely that the users of an affected system will have elevated 
permissions on other systems on the network.


iDEFENSE Labs have confirmed that 3Com Corp.'s Network Supervisor 5.0.2 
is affected by this vulnerability. It is suspected that all previous 
versions are affected.


Restrict remote access to port 21700 at the network boundary, unless 
remote parties require service. Access to the affected host should be 
filtered at the network boundary if global accessibility is not 
required. Restricting access to only trusted hosts and networks may 
reduce the likelihood of exploitation.


Vendor patches to address this vulnerability are available for download

3Com(r) Network Director Version 1.0
Critical Update 1 for the Initial release and Service Pack 1 

3Com(r) Network Director Version 1.0
Critical Update 1 for Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 3 

3Com(r) Network Director Version 2.0
Critical Update 1 

3Com(r) Network Supervisor Version 5.1
Critical Update 1 


The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) project has assigned the
name CAN-2005-2020 to this issue. This is a candidate for inclusion in
the CVE list (, which standardizes names for 
security problems.


06/20/2005  Initial vendor notification
07/07/2005  Initial vendor response
09/01/2005  Coordinated public disclosure


Discovery of this vulnerability is credited to iDEFENSE Labs.

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Copyright (c) 2005 iDEFENSE, Inc.

Permission is granted for the redistribution of this alert
electronically. It may not be edited in any way without the express
written consent of iDEFENSE. If you wish to reprint the whole or any
part of this alert in any other medium other than electronically, please
email for permission. 

Disclaimer: The information in the advisory is believed to be accurate
at the time of publishing based on currently available information. Use
of the information constitutes acceptance for use in an AS IS condition.
There are no warranties with regard to this information. Neither the
author nor the publisher accepts any liability for any direct, indirect,
or consequential loss or damage arising from use of, or reliance on,
this information.

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