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TUCoPS :: Windows Net Apps :: telnet~3.txt

Win2000 telnetd DoS




    Microsoft Windows 2000 Telnet Server


    Following  is  based  on  FSC  Internet/SecureXpert Labs Advisory.
    Microsoft Windows  2000 Server  is supplied  with a  Telnet server
    for  remote  console  access.   A  Denial of Service vulnerability
    exists in this server which may be exploited by a local or  remote

    A remote user  can cause the  telnet server to  stop responding to
    requests by sending a stream of binary zeros to the telnet server.
    This can  easily be  reproduced from  a Linux  system using netcat
    with an input of /dev/zero, with a command such as

        nc 23 < /dev/zero

    The Windows 2000 Telnet Server stops responding to requests  after
    a  few  seconds.   If  the  Telnet  Server  is set to restart upon
    failure, it will  restart and immediately  fail.  This  will occur
    repeatedly until the Telnet  Server exceeds its restart  count, at
    which point the service remains down.


    Patch availability:

        - Microsoft Windows 2000 All Versions:

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