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PCAnywhere v8.0 - defeat disallowance of file transfers



    pcAnywhere v8.0


    Jason Deaton found  following.  He  found a problem  with the file
    transfer  security  in  pcAnywhere  v8.0  for  Windows NT 4.0 that
    allows a remote to  transfer files even with  the host set to  not
    allow file transfer from remote. To do this:

        1. Connect to the pcAnywhere host machine.
        2. Right-click on pcAnywhere in the host's toolbar and  select
           File Transfer| Controlled by Host.
        3. This brings up the  file transfer status on the  remote PC.
           On the remote, hit  ALT+F4, which closes the  file transfer
           status screen, and brings up the remote control screen.
        4. In the remote control  screen, the file transfer dialog  is
           still open.  Files can then be sent from the remote to  the

    This was not tested with pcAnywhere v 9.0.  Any other  information
    about pcAnywhere 9.0 would be appreciated.


    Nothing yet.

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