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PCAnywhere 8 on WinNT Sp4 with Rollup Hotfix - may not respond to 3-finger remote salute!



    PCAnywhere 8 on WinNT Sp4 with Rollup Hotfix


    Howard W Wortley found  following.  As no  doubt most of you  know
    Symantec PCAnywhere  is a  popular and  versatile package allowing
    remote  control  of  NT  machines  as  well  as configuration as a
    gateway and machine  to machine parallel  link a la  Laplink.  For
    remote control of NT Servers it has the advantage of running as  a
    service and allowing remote reboot.

    Following  was  tested  on  version  8  with service packs A and B
    applied.  This has worked perfectly well with SP3 and SP4.  If you
    apply the Microsoft  post SP4 roll-up  hotfix, after restart  some
    machines  may  not  respond  to  the  remote  Ctrl-Alt-Del command
    although they did respond normally to the mouse and restart (!).


    Symantec said this was a known problem. This is the reference dll:

    Anyway the  only way  to fix  is to  have a  technician on site to
    log on, remove PCA  and re-install it.   After that PCA will  work
    normally again.

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