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PCAnywhere V.8, upgrade B on NT - install disables screensaver



    PCAnywhere V.8, upgrade B on NT


    George A. Brown II found following.  It's basicly the same as:

    It was confirmed that after installing Symantec's upgrade patch  B
    for PCAnywhere V8.0,  the NT Screensaver  becomes disabled.   This
    could not be resolved even after reapplying SPK4.  The screensaver
    will function properly after the original install as well as after
    the  upgrade  patch  A,  but  will  not  function  once patch B is
    installed.  If an  NT box has the  screensaver enabled as a  means
    of securing the box in case a user forgets to logout or if logging
    out  is  not  an  option  and  the  user  just forgets to lock the
    workstation, that box is available to others.


    Symantec has been contacted.

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