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PcAnywhere 9.2 DoS



    pcAnywhere 9.2


    John  Thornton  found  following.   It  seems  if you connect then
    disconnect to pcAnywhere  host service about  300 - 500  times the
    service will stop responding.  The only  way to get it to  respond
    is to restart the service.


    This Denial of  Service problem was  addressed in a  later version
    of  the  product  than  the  one  you  are  using.  Hopefully this
    information will help:
    1. If  your  build  is  239  (pcA  9.2.0)  or  lower  you will  be
       susceptible to this type of attack.  You should run  LiveUpdate
       from the Help Menu in pcAnywhere to resolve this.
    2. If your build is 258  (pcA 9.2.1) you may still be  susceptible
       since the  Denial of  Service patch  did not  change the  build
       number.  You should still run LiveUpdate from the Help Menu  to
       insure you are protected from this type of attack.
    3. LiveUpdate technology  automatically retrieves and  applies any
       patches for  you when  you have  an internet  connection.   For
       those  companies  who  do  not  allow an internet connection, a
       patch can be downloaded by an administrator and distributed  to
       the  employees.   This  particular  Denial  of Service patch is
       located at

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