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NNTP Win2k/NT Memory Leak





    Following is based on a Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-043.  The
    NNTP (Network News Transport  Protocol) service in Windows  NT 4.0
    and  Windows  2000  contains  a  memory  leak  in  a  routine that
    processes news postings.   Each time such  a posting is  processed
    that contains a particular construction, the memory leak causes  a
    small amount of memory to no  longer be available for use.   If an
    attacker sent a large number of posts, the server memory could  be
    depleted to the point at which normal service would be  disrupted.
    An  affected  server  could  be  restored  to  normal  service  by

    Windows  NT  4.0  does  not  contain  a native NNTP service.  NNTP
    is  only  available  on  the  system  if the Windows NT 4.0 Option
    Pack has  been installed.   The default  configuration of  NNTP is
    not affected by the vulnerability, as no newsgroups are configured
    by default.

    The  vulnerability  would  not  enable  an  attacker  to usurp any
    administrative control or compromise data on the machine.

    Acknowledgment goes to Aiden ORawe.


    A patch is available to  fix this vulnerability.  Please  read the
    Security Bulletin

    for information on obtaining this patch.

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