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TUCoPS :: Windows Net Apps :: netbios.txt

Gaining Remote Access to a Windoze Box using NetBIOS (works great against Cable modem users!)

               		 Gaining  Remote axess to a Windoze box
                         	 By Ghostly Mayhem

     |   K so I know thiz aint brain surgery and others		                 |
     |   Have said it b4 but I want ever1 to know this		                 |
     |   Even if it is the only thing they learn			                 |

K so this will work as long as u have an internet connection and a little
DOS proggy called NBTSTAT.

So type "NBTSTAT/?" and if any help comes up then you are sweet, it says
"bad command or file name" then you need to instll NBSTAT just search the
net and I guesss you will phind it.

K so go online then open a DOS window and then type "NBTSTAT -A (ip address)"
The possible responses are:
	"Host not found" - if this comes up then the system can't be hacked
		               using this method.

Or you may recieve a table:

  Name                  Type         Status
Billy Bob               <20>       UNIQUE      Registered
Jimmy Bob               <00>       GROUP       Registered
Moss machine            <03>       UNIQUE      Registered

Okay see the little hex numbers?    ie.  <03>
if the number is 20 then it means that the lamer has file sharing on.

Okay type "edit"
now put in the ip address of your victem and press TAB 
three times then the name from the left of the <20>

Save this in your C:\windows directory as LMHOSTS
Okay to gain axess to their machine by fooling it you are on its network
you ust first go to the control panel and then into Network.

Now tell your computer you wish to allow file sharing and it will install
some required drivers and tell you to restart your computer.

NB. Turn off file sharing again and it won't delete the drivers. If you
don't turn off file sharing your own computer will be suceptable to this

K from here u can do 1 of two things the most basic being

Go to start menu\find\computer  and tell it to phind the name that the
computer was labeled.

Or if you can't do it this way

type in this:
c:\>net view \\[ipaddress]

u will see a list Choose 1
and then type this:
c:\>net use g: \\[ipaddress]\[sharename]

If this works, type :

c:\>cd g:

Okay so if you wanna try testing a whole lot of putrs using a port scanner then you wanna scan
for an open port 139 cause that is the one used for file sharing this being open means that this
hack will probably work

If u phind any kuel boxes then please send me the ip address
and if you need any help please e-mail me

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