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Microimages X Server for Windows - kill MIX server

    Microimages X [MIX]


    Microimages X Server for Win


    Mike Wilson found  following.  Microimages  has one nice  X server
    for Windows,  which allow  you to  wun Windows  95/98 and  to work
    Graphicaly with some  *NIX based system,  for example if  you have
    SunOS  and  you  export  your  DISPLAY  to  your host where you're
    running Windows95/98 with MIX server, and all you run on your  Sun
    will be  graphicaly come  to my  windows X  server.   What is  the
    vulnerable.  If you know someone is using that X server, you  just


    ( then wait about 10 seconds and hit Ctrl-C )

    It will  kill MIX  server on  remote Machine.   Where is  the bug?
    MIX  kills  automatically  when  someone  stop the process locally
    from the  *NIX based  system, not  killing the  process from the X
    server by closing the windows.  That's It.


    You will find  this has to  do with the  option "close after  last
    process exits" in preferences.   When you open the xterm  and then
    close  it,  it  follows  it's  settings  and  exits.  It is normal
    behavior.  Now that person having thier X server accessable by you
    is another story.

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