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TUCoPS :: Windows Net Apps :: imail.htm

Internet Mail for IE 3.01 MIME-message app killer

    Internet Mail


    Win9x, NT (see below)


    Vadim Kolontsov  found following.   It seems  that you  can create
    MIME-message which  kills Internet  Mail 4.70.1155  (it comes with
    Internet Explorer 3.01) during downloading (POP3).

    Just create MIME message with some attachment, then add additional
    ";" in "Content-Type" string, like this:

        Content-Type: multipart/mixed;; boundary="---- =_NextPart_000_01BD2747.130E56B0"

    Or just remove anything after "multipart/mixed" like this:

        Content-Type: multipart/mixed

    Then send it to your test victim.  Internet Mail will crash during
    downloading such message,  and user will  be unable to  access his
    mailbox until someone corrects it.   This reproduced on a  several


    Outlook seems to be OK.   However, there is no reason to  use some
    other mail client.   To get rid of  such a message you'll  have to
    telnet to mail server and delete such message.

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