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OUTLOOK 2003: OuchLook
OUTLOOK 2003: OuchLook

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Outlook 2003 the premier mail client from the company 
called 'Microsoft' certainly appears to have a lot of security 
features built into it.  Curosry examination shows excellent 
thought into 'spam' containment, 'security' consideration and 
many other little 'things'.

However there is a fundamental flaw with this particular device. 
That is, it copies our arbitrary file with given name into a 
known and easily reachable location:

when embedded into the body of a mail message and when the 
recipient replies, will copy itself into temp folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Temp.htm

This location can be quite easily reached without having to know 
the user name [courtesy of jelmer]:\\temp\\malware.htm"> 

The scenario is 'painstakingly' trivial. Send your co-hort at 
the office an email that requires a reply. Embed in it, an html 
file out of sight. Either send them a second message with any 
number of 'spoofed' url schemes pointing to the file in the 
temp, or, direct them to a web site which will reach in into the 
temp folder via the same url and install and run our malicious 

Very Silly Design Error.

End Call


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