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MS Outlook/Outlook Express Preview Pane Security Issue
MS Outlook/Outlook Express Preview Pane Security Issue


Just a reminder that if you are using anything but Outlook 2003.  The HTML
injection issues and other such exploits with just viewing the preview pane
have mostly been taken care of in the older versions but issues are still
popping up.  If you want to use the preview pane I would recommend Outlook
2003 it has a greater security model and the preview pane will not execute
any HTML code or download any HTML embedded pictures unless you actually
tell it to on an e-mail by e-mail basis.

I believe some of these features will also be added to Outlook Express with
the release of XP SP2, but until then I'd steer clear of the preview pane on
older Outlook versions.

If your curious why you don't want embedded HTML pic's downloaded
automatically, this is a confirmation method used by spammers to verify you
received their e-mail and that your e-mail address is valid.  


Jeff Uslan, CISM, DHS
Chief Information Security Officer
Absolute Computer Security Consulting 
*	805.498.3568 office
*	805.218.3182 cell  

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