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RealPlayer (#NISR11062004) - multiple vulns
Multiple vulnerabilities in RealPlayer (#NISR11062004)

NGSSoftware Insight Security Research Advisory

Name: REAL One Player code execution through malformed media file 
Systems Affected:  RealOne Player (English), RealOne Player v2 (all
RealPlayer 10 (English, German and Japanese), RealPlayer 8 (all languages), 
RealPlayer Enterprise (all versions, standalone and "as configured" by the
RealPlayer Enterprise Manager)
Severity: High
Vendor URL: 
Author: John Heasman [ john at ]
Date of Public Advisory: 11th June 2004
Advisory number: #NISR11062004
Advisory URL: 


RealOne and RealPlayer are the most widely used products for internet media
delivery. There are currently in excess of 200 million users that use these
products worldwide. 


By crafting a malformed .RA, .RM, .RV or .RMJ file it possible to cause heap
corruption that can lead to execution of arbitrary code.  By forcing a
browser or enticing a user to a website containing such a file, arbitrary
attacker supplied code could be executed on the target machine. This code
will run in the security context of the logged on user. Another attacker
vector is via an e-mail attachment. NGSResearchers have created reliable
exploits to take advantage of these issues. Due to the ease of exploitation
these vulnerabilities should be considered as high risk and customers are
urged to update their players as soon as is possible.

Fix Information

For the various fix options available for different types of REAL products,
NGS suggest visiting for detailed

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