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GoodTech Telnet Server NT v2.2.1 Buffer Overflow

    GoodTech Telnet Server


    GoodTech Telnet Server NT v2.2.1


    UssrLabs found a  Remote DoS Attack  in GoodTech Telnet  Server NT
    v2.2.1, the buffer  overflow is caused  by a long  user name 23870
    characters.   There is  not much  to expand  on.... just  a simple
    hole.  Example:

        [gimmemore@itsme]$ telnet
        Connected to
        Escape character is '^]'.
        Welcome to GoodTech Telnet Server for Windows NT (V2.2) (Evaluation Copy)
        (C) Copyright 1996-1999 GoodTech Systems, Inc.
        Login username: (buffer)
        Overflow Crashh.

    Where (buffer) is 23870 characters.


    Nothing yet.

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