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TUCoPS :: Windows Net Apps :: eudora09.htm

Eudora Pro long filename file attachment crash



    Eudora Pro


    Zoa_Chien found following.  He had  a quick look at this nice  bug
    in Eudora  that caused  many people  with Eudora  to crash.   More
    info can be found at:

    If you mail  someone a file  that has an  extension with over  213
    chars in  it, eudora  will crash.   You could  test it  with  this


    the 3334 are the first bytes  that overwrite the EIP.  Leaving  us
    very little space to execute some arbitrary code.

    If it's not possible to exploit... at least it's a nice DoS.

    For those  who want  to check  this out:  some guidelines for your

        - Unclick leave mail on server.
        - send yourself such a mail
        - "restore" eudora  by deleting the  /spool directory in  your
          eudora directory.

    Windows  2000  build  2195  with  Outlook  2000  might become very
    unstable afterwards (even after rebooting it became unstable again
    do reinstall from scratch was the only solution).


    Nothing yet.

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