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TUCoPS :: Windows Net Apps :: eudora07.htm

Eudora 4.1, 4.2Beta long attach filenames problems



    Win systems running Eudora 4.1, 4.2Beta


    'whiz' has  found another  problem with  Eudora, attachments,  and
    long filenames that  is similar to  the the problem  he found last
    previously.  If two messages are  sent to an Eudora 4.1 user  that
    have an  attachment with  a filename  of around  231 or  more, the
    next time the user  checkes his mail Eudora  crashes.  We say  231
    because C:\Program Files\Eudora\Attach\ is  31 characters + 231  =
    262 = longer  then Windows can  handle.  Eudora  trucates the long
    filename correctly and thats why you cant't send just one messages
    with a long name, like you use  to be able to do with Eudora  4.0.
    But  it  truncates  it  so  the  the path length is 259 characters
    which is the maximum.  Then when it receives the second attachment
    it truncates, and  trys to add  a 1 to  the end, this  is where it
    crashes.  This allows you to modify the return address to point to
    arbitrary code.  Here is how was tested:

        Send message to myself with attchment that has a long filename
        Resend exact message
        Check my mail
        Eudora crashes

    Both the Win 95  and Win NT versions,  along with the 4.2  beta of
    Eudora are affected.


    The vendor  of Eudora,  Qualcomm was  notified of  this problem on

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