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TUCoPS :: Windows Net Apps :: eudora03.htm

Eudora 3.x, 4.0Pro crashes if attachments have really long filenames



    Win systems running Eudora 3.x, 4.0Pro


    'whiz' found following.  Eudora Pro 4.0 (and 3.x) crashes when  it
    trys to retrieve a message  that has an attachments with  an extra
    long filename.   The length  of the  filename effects  the type of
    crash that will occur.  A filename of greater then 233  characters
    in length will cause an illegal operation.  However, a  bluescreen
    of  death  occurs  and  a  reboot  is necessary if the filename is
    exactly 233 characters.

    Heres how to recreate it on Windows 95.

        1. Create a file with a long name(>=233).
        2. In Eudora, send  an e-mail to your  self with the new  file
        3. Now check your mail, Eudora should crash when it starts  to
           download the attachment.

    And since Eudora  crashes before it  deletes the message  from the
    server you will get that every time until you delete that  message
    somehow (see example below).


    And since Eudora  crashes before it  deletes the message  from the
    server you will have to do this in order to check your mail again:

        1. Telnet to your mail server.
        2. Type USER yourusername, hit enter.
        3. Type PASS yourpassword, hit enter.
        4. Type DELE 1 (or what number of message is), hit enter.
        5. Type QUIT, hit enter.

    If this is UNIX server, telnet to it normally and via pine or  elm
    delete message.

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