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TUCoPS :: Windows Net Apps :: db23~1.htm

IBM Windows DB2 services can be crashed remotely



    IBM Windows DB2


    Gilles  Lami  -  DSIA  found  following.   IBM  DB2  for   Windows
    (98/NT/2000) run 2 services:  db2ccs.exe (listening on port  6790)
    and db2jds.exe (port  6789).  We  may be wrong  but these services
    are  used  to  access  data  remotely  and  to remotely manage the
    database.   Both can  be crashed  remotely: just  telnet on  their
    port, send one byte and then close the connexion, that's all.


    IBM is aware of that.  They reproduced the problem and say that  a
    patch will  be availlable  in july  (so this  month) for version 7
    and above.

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