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TUCoPS :: Windows Net Apps :: consea~1.txt

Conseal Firewalls Security Holes


Anther seucrty hole in the Conseal PC Firewall a.k.a. signal9
Just think of all the wanna be "31337" hackers that are going to crash cuz of this dos/oob atack.
This text was made by, Z Mɥ
Do not edit this in any way!!!
Leave it as it is or you will be sent to Hackers Hell!

This trick works best with ICQ and IRC

I write this for educational use only!!
If  you get busted,kicked off your isp,ect it is all your falt.
Soo you can not and will not take me to trail,sue,blame,ect me in any way for your actions.
Here we go you dos/oob addicts.

Here we go,

First off get the victims ip# off  ICQ or on IRC they could be spoofed type this to get a the real ip# on IRC /quote userip eazymoney.Which gives:eazymoney=+user@ This is his true ip  #4. Now once again you /dns This time, there is a response Resolved to <the dns user resolved>"source from Antionline"
If he/she has you on there ignore list on ICQ then make another account and readd that uin# or
Try to find some one there talking to that is on the victims list and is on your list too either way you'll get their ip#.
What you got to do now is open a exploit (nestea or boink, newtear etc for Linux) (the best to use is Exploit Generator v0.85 for Windows) run a netstat "dns their ip#" get the port open from that host.
You should now have the victims ip# and port , then send a packet just 1 from a regognized host they talk to seldomly "note" 79% firewall users have such fucked up rulsets or so many incoming hosts that they let 1 packet through. that packet is let through on their ruleset, so it registers =) ding! 
It may take a while for the packet to send the whole fragment but within a matter of seconds.
Boom watch the lamer go offline.
There are other ways of forcing backdoors open on conseal PC firewall "considering it has 2 flaws" As to be said by many firewall annaylists "conseal pc firewall" is the most secure firewall to prevent attacks against hackers. Well you annalzers check twice next time:) 

This has been tested by me it works on a lot of pepole.
I would like to say about 99% considering you have some firewall warrior out amongst us.
This is good to prove to pepole that think there really secure that thay ain't got shit basicly.
Even lamers can prove them worng.

                                                        H-A-P-P-Y C-R-A-S-H-I-N-G 
                                    written by, Z  Mɥ & The KuNg FU HcV SqUaD
                           Copyrighted 1997-1998 HcV Organization : Trademark of Evilwood Enterprise

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