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CommuniGatePro 3.1 for Windows NT has a buffer overflow.

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Nobuo Miwa <n-miwa@LAC.CO.JP>
CommuniGatePro 3.1 for NT Buffer Overflow


I reported a buffer overflow problem on CommuniGatePro 3.1 for NT
to And they've fixed immediately.

It's simple buffer overflow, actually.

1. connect to port 8010 (http configuration from remote browser)
2. send 70000 of 'a' + "\r\n"
3. connect to any port(25,8010,..) just like "telnet server 25"
4. Access violation

Their reply is following.. Fixed in the current 3.2 betas. Please install
either the 3.2b5 or the 3.2b7 that should be out by Monday - 3.2b6 had many
internal changes and a couple of bugs have been found there.

<Nobuo Miwa> @ @ )
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