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Another WMF exploit workaround
Another WMF exploit workaround
Another WMF exploit workaround

For those interested, Core FORCE its a free endpoint security software
currently in Beta stage. With it users can configure access control
permissions to file system objects independently of the operating
System's ACLs and security policy enforcement mechanisms.

The default security profiles of IE and FireFox included the package
distribution prevented exploitation of the WMF bug through those
vectors. Simply because they denied execution of rundll32.exe from
within IE or Firefox. The same applies to the MSN Messenger profile
submitted to the profiles repository site.

Furthermore you can explicitly configure permissions to deny & log
read/exec access to shimgvw.dll system wide or on per application basis.
This is functionally equivalent to Microsoft's suggested workaround of
unregistering the DLL but the advantage is that it does not matter if
some program registers it back or if somehow a program tries to load and
execute the DLL in anyway.

Core Force is available at 

As I said, it is still beta make sure you read the software
compatibility and known issues list and the docs.


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