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MS05-042 Security Update Problems
MS05-042 Security Update Problems
MS05-042 Security Update Problems

Hello All,

Has anyone else experienced problems after applying the Kerberos
Security Update? We're running 2k3 server (Enterprise) as a DC with
standard application set. Following the application of this patch we
started seeing Kerberos and KDC issues. Once the patch had been applied
we started seeing KDC (event ID 7) errors - "The Security Account
Manager failed a KDC request in an unexpected way" and this error
repeated for each DC on our domain.

Following this, we started seeing Kerberos errors - Kerberos (event ID
4) - The Kerberos client received a KRB_AP_ERR_MODIFIED error from the
server computername. The target name was cifs/anothercomputer. This
indicates that the password used to encrypt the Kerberos service ticket
is different than that on the target server.

This error had not appeared previously and no changes had been made to
the mentioned computer or the target.

We also experienced issues with a fileserver local to this DC being
unable to print - presumably due to being unable to authenticate printer

Having removed the Kerberos patch from the problem DC all appears to
have returned to normal, however we'd like to know if anyone else has
had this problem or if there are any ways to resolve the issues we had?

Thanks in advance,

Andy McCullough
Information Technology & Telecommunications
WorkDirections UK

Andrew McCullough
Information Technology & Telecommunications
WorkDirections UK

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