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Sharing Drives in Windows XP Professional

Sharing drives in Windows XP Professional

Ive been having problems sharing hidden drives in Windows XP, i could not 
access any hidden drives eg C$, D$ etc from my networked Windows 98 Machine.

But to enable you to share hidden drives to need to disable 'Simple file 

To do this, open my computer and click 'tools', click the 'view' tab and 
scroll to the bottom of the page.
You will see 'Use simple file sharing (Recommended)'.

How it is recommended i do not know... but i recommend that you disable it!  
If you had trouble sharing hidden drives, this should cure it.
Note: you may need to restart you computer to make sure any changes are set. 
I am not sure if this works in Home Edition also as i do not have it.

Hope this helps

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