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Hacks at School

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                            You smell something?


Title:      |||| The things i've done at school ||||

Date:       March 28, 1998
Author:     rootwurm


Many people at school ask me how i get the computers to do what i want.  basically, i'm gonna
run through some tricks i've gathered on the net, stuff i've discovered, as well as other stuff.
hope this helps you in your day to day boring school life.  the standard disclaimer goes for this
file, as well as all the other stuff i've written (what DOESN'T require a disclaimer these days?)

=========WIN 3.11 tricks=========

- Getting a command prompt -
One thing teachers like to do is ban the FILE menu in windows 3.1.  When you can't get to the
file menu, it makes it difficult to get to parts of the hard drive you're not supposed to be on.
Try some of this stuff:

	Make sure all programs are closed by hitt ALT+Tab until it does nothing. to end a program
	that doesn't have an exit button, simply hit CTRL+ESC.  this should bring up an End Task
	dialog box.  Once all programs are closed, open the STARTUP folder and if it is empty,
	just hit enter.  On some versions of windows, this will bring up a blue screen and ask
	you to end MONITOR.EXE.  Hit enter, you should go back to windows.  Now hit CTRL+ALT+DEL.
	This should bring up another blue screen asking you to end WINDOWS.  Hit enter again,
	and you should be in DOS.

	Open WRITE (or any other word processing program, but NOT notepad.)  in Write, open
	C:\windows\winhelp.exe.  it will ask you if you want to convert it, and just hit NO
	CONVERSION.  It will bring up a bunch of ASCII characters (bunch of garbage).  Save
	it as winhelp.bak.  Now open C:\ (or c:\dos\  Once again,
	No Conversion.  Now save this as C:\windows\winhelp.exe.  Exit out of Write and hit
	F1.  It will say "cannot find topic" or something, and hit OK.  You should be in a
	DOS box.  Once you're done doing what you're doing, you can save winhelp.bak to
	winhelp.exe so you won't get caught.

	Flip the power off.  Turn the computer back on, and when it beeps, hit F5.  This should
	skip the startup files and put you at a command prompt.  If it doesn't, try hitting F8
	after the beep instead.

=========WIN 3.11 (with WinLock)=========
If the computer you want access to has WinLock installed.  WinLock is just a program that 
doesn't let you run the programs that are specified by the teacher.  There are a lot of different
kinds of programs such as these, so it doesn't have to be WinLock specifically...this stuff
should work on most any program of it's nature.

	If your computer has a MS-DOS icon, just RAPIDLY hit both enters (the one above the shift
	key, and the one on the number pad on the right hand side of the keyboard) once you have
	the icon selected.  This should 'beat' WinLock and let you into a command prompt.  If
	this doesn't work, try the above methods.

=========WIN 95=========
most of the win 3.1 methods will work in windows 95 also.  try them first, but if all else fails,
try these tricks.

	Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and end any program restricting you from doing what you want.

	Shut down the computer.  When it says "it is now safe to turn off your computer" you
	can USUALLY type CLS and it will give you a prompt.  Then type 'mode co80'  This will
	fix the weird prompt.  The "it's now safe to turn off your computer" picture is just
	sitting on the dos prompt.

	Turn off the computer and turn it back on.  when it says "Loading Windows 95..." (after
	the beeps)  hit F8.  Do 'step by step confirmation' so you can disable any features
	hindering your exploration.

hope this helps

rootwurm (


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