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Attachment file types blocked by MS Office XP Outlook

Attachment file types blocked by MS Office XP Outlook

There are two levels of attachment security. Access to level 1
files is blocked and can't be changed. When you receive an
attachment with a level 2 file type, you will be prompted to save
the file to your hard disk. If you use Microsoft Exchange Server,
your administrator can add and remove file types for both levels
of e-mail security. If a file type is added to both levels, it
will be treated as a level 1 file type.

Level 1:

 File extension File type
 .ade           Microsoft Access project extension
 .adp           Microsoft Access project
 .bas           Microsoft Visual Basic class module
 .bat           Batch file
 .chm           Compiled HTML Help file
 .cmd           Microsoft Windows NT Command Script
 .com           Microsoft MS-DOS program
 .cpl           Control Panel extension
 .crt           Security certificate
 .exe           Program
 .hlp           Help file
 .hta           HTML program
 .inf           Setup Information
 .ins           Internet Naming Service
 .isp           Internet Communication settings
 .js            JScript file
 .jse           Jscript Encoded Script file
 .lnk           Shortcut
 .mda           Microsoft Access add-in program
 .mdb           Microsoft Access program
 .mde           Microsoft Access MDE database
 .mdz           Microsoft Access wizard program
 .msc           Microsoft Common Console Document
 .msi           Microsoft Windows Installer package
 .msp           Windows Installer patch
 .mst           Visual Test source files

 .pcd           Photo CD image or Microsoft Visual Test compiled
 .pif           Shortcut to MS-DOS program
 .reg           Registration entries
 .scr           Screen saver
 .sct           Windows Script Component
 .shs           Shell Scrap Object
 .url           Internet shortcut
 .vb            VBScript file
 .vbe           VBScript Encoded Script file
 .vbs           VBScript file
 .wsc           Windows Script Component
 .wsf           Windows Script file
 .wsh           Windows Script Host Settings file

Level 2

 extension     File type

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