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TUCoPS :: Windows :: msrpc.txt

Windows NT/2K/XP/Server 2003 DCOM vuln


We have discovered a critical security vulnerability in all recent versions of
Microsoft operating systems. The vulnerability affects default installations
of Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP as well as Windows 2003 Server.

This is a buffer overflow vulnerability that exists in an integral component of
any Windows operating system, the RPC interface implementing Distributed Component
Object Model services (DCOM). In a result of implementation error in a function
responsible for instantiation of DCOM objects, remote attackers can obtain
unauthorized access to vulnerable systems.

The existence of the vulnerability has been confirmed by Microsoft Corporation.
The appropriate security bulletin as well as fixes for all affected platforms
are available for download from <> (MS03-026).

It should be emphasized that this vulnerability poses an enormous threat and
appropriate patches provided by Microsoft should be immediately applied.

We have decided not to publish codes or any technical details with regard to
this vulnerability at the moment.

With best regards,
Members of
The Last Stage of Delirium
Research Group


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