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More Ways to Get The Most from @Home by Hashvoodo


@HOME is probably the most pathetic isp ever, save AOL. Their service is
so bad they had to ban PAYING USERS for their newsgroups...not to mention
their service, server downtime's how to abuse THEM.

By now everybody has seen the ip stealing trick (get the hostname for your
bud's system, change yours to it & reboot, it's that simple). But as the 
new Samsung cable modems are phased in, that is supposed to dissappear, 
unless their ip is goverened by the same dhcp server configuring your 
SO I decided it was about time to add a couple more things to the menu.

How to get tv channels 14-21 if u don't already:
Okay, I know every1 gets these already, but it's still a point of interest.
Here's what you do:
-phone up tech support, tell them you were converted to the basic cable 
package & your net connex went down when it happened
-wait 2-3 months for them to come
-s/he will take off the filter that blocks these channels on the box
outside of your house & put it on the main cable feed inside
-watch s/he intall it, in the 2 cases I've seen, it's a 5 inch sliver cylinder
-unscrew it & screw the 2 cable ends that it was attached to together
-watch phree tv

So u skipped the first section, I understand, it was lame. Here's the kewl
part. There are lots of ways of doing this, but if you have a couple 
computers in different rooms across your house & you want them all online
AT THE SAME TIME for the PRICE OF ONE then read below. Again, the new Samsung
modems may fuq this up....dunno, havn't checked yet; but for now it's leet.
The Lancity modems & some others differentiate between the different systems
& are capable of ASSIGNING DIFFERENT IPS!!! Even thou only 1 cable modem is 
-get ethernet cards in all your computers, I have Dlink DFE-530TX's
-remember not to buy that goddammned cross wired cable, not what u need
-get a D-link hub for networking the computers in your house & set it all up
-notice that RJ45 slot @ the bottom labeled UPLINK, hmm, I wonder what 
that's for?
-stick your network cable running from your cable modem in there
-run winipcfg on all the systems
-enjoy; it should work as long as the computers have different "names" etc..
which is something u gotta change if you're gonna netwerk w/o inet anyway.
-thanks to the bandwidth cap being waaay below what the modems are capable of
you can download multiple files simultaneously @ the fastest speeds possible
on different computers using 1 modem ;-) u gotta love it

3 computers on different ips, file sharing between computers, get them to
each download 1/3 of the files for the latest warez u gotta hav all @ the 
same time, thus tripling your overall bandwidth. ;-)

I know I shouldn't have added this, but I can't resist it....I know of 2
server dos attacks which have remained UNPATCHED on their intranet. The
dude that helped my out by moving the cable filter inside for me said that
they are aware of the exploits, but don't want to patch them because the
patches eat up too much memory. Sounds like bull to me, but if they really
piss you off, consider it an easy way to get revenge. I don't support dos,
or irc war, or any of that crap; but if your are about to cancel your service
because it's so bad where you are, why not?


a...........................o0(THE SHRINE)0o.......................production


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