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Hiding Files in Windows

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Title:      |||| Hide File v.4 ||||

Date:       January 10, 1999 - Updated June 21, 1999
Author:     rootwurm & wri0t


ever wanted to hide some files without the use of an external program?  well, here's a neat
little trick:

open up a command prompt, and goto the dir where the file is you want to hide.

just type 'copy filename~1.bla c:\windows\fonts\'

and, if you really want to, you can cd to c:\windows\fonts and 'attrib +h -a -r -s filename~1.bla'

you can also hide whole folders!

this will copy it to the fonts folder, and it won't show up by going to windows\fonts in explorer
that's the reason you have to copy from dos.  there are a couple of ways to find this 'hidden'
file, here is what we came up with:

	Start > Find > Files or folders.. and then the exact name of the file, or just a wildcard

	at a dos prompt in the fonts directory, simply 'dir' (if you 'attrib'ed it then you need
	to type 'dir /ah *.*'

but other than that, your file is pretty much safe, after all, who goes digging through the 
fonts directory looking for stuff?? let alone digging through the fonts folder in a dos prompt,
with a 'dir /ah'???  this is really security through obscurity, but hey, it's a quick way to 
stash files :-)

well, as you can see, this is kind of a tedious proccess, therefore we wrote a little proggie
that automates this task.  HideFile v.4 will complete the above steps in a GUI.  it also
gives you the option of viewing your 'hidden' files (after you've entered a password)

so, if you have nosy parents, friends, siblings, or teachers going through your shit, just
'hide it' for a while :-)

(btw, as far as our test have proven, having any files in the fonts directory does, in no way,
affect windows.  just try not to name them 'blah.ttf' or 'blah.fon' because it may freak some
programs out)

oh, and the reason this works is because windows treats the fonts directory differently than
from regular directorys.  for instance, if you are on a network, and you browse to another
computers 'fonts' directory, it will show you your fonts.  which also means your files won't 
show up through a network neighborhood search :-)  (also, browsing a network at a dos prompt
is VERY hard to do, and i personally know of only a few people who know how to, so obviously
your parents, or whoever, won't know how to find your shit)

several people have emailed me asking me to include this method of hiding files in this text.
well, this method does indeed work, but it also may cause more problems than the above method.

when i tried it, i experianced random explorer crashes, as well as kernel32.dll crashes...that's
not to say that it doesn't work, and, it may have just been my computer...obviously you guys
wouldn't have told me about this method if it continually crashed YOUR computer, so here goes:

to make a folder where nobody can tell what's in it, drop to a dos prompt and type
	c:\>mkdir (alt+255)foldername
where (alt+255) is you holding down alt, and typing 255 (makes the ascii key, case you're 
curious) and 'foldername' is whatever you want it called.

now, when you do this, you can't get to it from windows...when you double click the folder,
it won't let you in.

in order to get into it, you must return to dos, and type:
	cd (alt+255)foldername

that's it for now!


wri0t ( 
rootwurm (


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