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TUCoPS :: Windows :: hidden~1.txt

Using ALT-255 to create perfect hidden directories in WinNT

More Hidden Directories

Just screwing around at school...
We all got a little profile space (NT4) from those stupid sysops and we all
got something to hide (don't we?), so I was playing with the little hidden
directories trick I've read about some time ago...
If our sysops find a hidden directory which is not owned by them, they
simply delete it!  "They don't want anyone having secrets!"  In a certain
way, they are right, but I just hate them!!! :))
Conclusion of today's classes: I've found one directory witch is totally
You know, when you create a directory (using a dosshell), two 'directories'
are created, called the . and the ..-directory.  You can check this by
seeing the date and time of creation...  The .-directory is the current
directory and the ..-directory is used for going one directory up.  So, what
if you create a directory called ..<ALT+255>?  When you check it, you
receive a second ..-directory.  When the sysops see this, they will
(normally) get suspicious thinking they've never seen this in their entire
life!  A directory with two ..-directories! :))  Am I going crazy? :))
Then, going to explorer I saw that it was not listed, although it wasn't
hidden.  Through dos, it was listed...  (maybe a little bug?).  So, using
attrib +h ..<ALT+255>, it dissapeared in dos.
Using the Show all files (hidden also) option in explorer, it still wasn't
listed.  Found it!  The king of hidden directories in dos, Win95 OSR1 and
Win NT 3.51 & NT4!!!!
The negative part is that you can find the directory when using the
find-command, hidden or not.  But, you must admit that a sysop must really
know what he is looking for, going through all that trouble just for finding
that one directory...
Also, when you deltree the directory above (where this hidden directory was
created in), it also is removed.
So, when you want to use this, use it in a directory the sysop won't think
to find anything.  Let's say... \%systemdrive%\System32 or something similar
(if you've
got write-access)...
Otherwise, please hide the file (attrib +h) for dos-based sysops in a place
they don't think of...

o  I've tried many directories (the class was really boring) using one point
with the <ALT+255>, two points and also many many other combinations, but
this one was the only *REAL* hidden directory...
o  Create it under the root-directory and hide it for a little fun...  If
the sysops don't know much of the ASCII table and the combinations used by
dos-commands (the use of asterisks...), they won't be able to delete it
o  Hide it always (attrib +h ..<ALT+255>), so the directory becomes never
listed... and keep your files away for those hated suckers!!!
o  I tested it also under Win 98 and the same directory was listed as a
~1-directory and it was visible both under explorer and dos...  Win 95 OSR2
and 98 SE will also list it (I think)
So, this trick is dead when using these versions and probably the next
generation of Microsoft OS'ses...
o  Still, you must admit, this one is nice, isn't it? :))
Remarks, updates or add-ons?  Mail it also to me :)


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