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TUCoPS :: Windows :: handsp~1.txt

Handspring Visor Network HotSync allows anyone with your name to hotsync your data.

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Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 19:55:45 -0600
From: Jay C Austad <JCA@BIGCHARTS.COM>
Subject: Handspring Visor Network HotSync Security Hole

If you have Network HotSync (provided on the CD that comes with your Visor)
enabled on your machine, and a malicious user knows your name (ex. John
Smith), and the ip of your machine (ex., or, he can change the name on his Visor to yours, do a
Network hotsync with your ip, and download all of your email, send email as
you, and perform any function that you can.

There is no password or authentication of any kind.  If I wanted to read my
co-workers email, or send a nasty message from him to his boss, all I would
need to do is put his name into my visor (Jim Beam), and do a network sync

I have contacted Handspring about this and have heard nothing back.

Jay Austad
Network Administrator
CBS Marketwatch

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