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TUCoPS :: Windows :: hackin~1.txt

Offline Hacking Manual for NT

///////////////////////////////////////                           //////////////
OFF-LINE HACKING MANUAL for WINDOZE NT!                           Cengoman! 1998 
///////////////////////////////////////                           //////////////

Ok,this is an off-line hack!So,this hack works only then,if you have physichally
access to your victims computer.You can try it at school,college etc...Its up to
Well,im sure you know WindozeNT. (Lets take a look at the security of WindozeNT.
On a NT computer,you cant access DOS before logging in with a valid username and
a password.Unlike in Win95...) 
If you r at college or school then you should have an account but a low privileg
ed one.If you dont have one,then you can log in as Guest... Guest users ussually
cant use links,start menu,or they cant execute programs.But its up to your admin
istrator.If he/she is a moron then you could do anything you want.But what if he
she is a clever guy/girl!
Well... if so, then you cant execute programs,you cants use links,start menu,you
can explore the harddisk.DAMN! but dont worry there is always a way to beat secu
rity systems.So go to the "Start Menu" then go to "RUN"...And type this "c:\dos\" Kewl! Now you can use DOS or you can go to "c:\winNT" and start the
"explorer.exe".Now you have full access to Harddisk. Do whatever you want... but 
stay cool! You can inform the administrator or one of your teachers.Ok,its up to
It was an easy way of hacking into NT but sometimes you dont have an account or
the system administrator unables the "guest login".In situations like this, its
hard and mostly impossible to do something.  As i said,u cant access DOS before
logging in with a valid account.(Unlike in Win95) Well,its not the whole truth! 
The only thing you need is a DOS setup disk.(For newbies:Its what you need when
installing DOS) So,insert the disk and start the computer... In several seconds
you should see the "DOS Setup menu".Just leave the setup program... Now you are
in DOS and you can do whatever you want.You may inform the administrator or you
can do whatever you want.HeY,I know something better,How about "format c:"!!!=)

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