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Windows image size crash
Windows image size crash

 	I've tried this on two different versions of Windows: 2000 and XP 
Pro SP1 and SP2 with IE6.0 and Firefox 1.0.3 and 1.0.4, and at minimum
it causes the tab that holds the content in Firefox to freeze and at the
worst it causes a blue screen after a few seconds for both IE and
Firefox.  All but one machine required a reboot. I'm sure someone with
more expertise could find the root of the issue (seems like it's giving
a stack error).  The only trick here is that it seems to require a large
image to be called (like the one in this example).  I've tried it with
smaller images and it still causes a spike in load but it's recoverable.

 	Here's a live example with a large image in it: 

 	Here's the HTML:


 	Not sure if there is more here.  I did get one person on MacOS
10 to test this and it had no effect.  Thanks to everyone who let me
crash their machines testing this.  :)

-RSnake XSS Cheatsheet 

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