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Windows Security Checklists - 10 Parts
Windows Security Checklists - 10 Parts


We have seen a great interest in Windows Security articles on our front 
page news.  Written by Larry Stevenson, aka Prince_Serendip, they are as 

Part 1: Firewalls and Antivirus Applications 

Part 2: To Do and Do Not 

Part 3: Safe at Any Speed Online 

Part 4: Securing Your Network 

Part 5: Are Cookies Really Guid for You? 

Part 6: Invisible Internet Browsing 

Part 7: HOSTS File: Wholesale Blocking 

Part 8: IM Insecure 

Part 9: Batting Clean-up 

Part 10: PC Pesticides 

This series started November 28, 2004 with the last part posted January 
30, 2005.  Great series of articles that help secure your Windows 


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