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Microsoft updates documentation on Windows time synchronization
Microsoft updates documentation on Windows time synchronization

Dear lists,

  Sorry  for additional noise.

  Microsoft  published  Q884776  "Configuring  the  Windows Time service
  against a large time offset";en-us;884776 

  In  addition to clear description on new registry keys in Windows 2000
  SP4  and  Windows  2003 Microsoft added recommendation to use hardware
  time  source.  Design flaw is currently fixed by documentation. I hope
  finally   MS   will   implement   signing   at   least  for  it's  own

  P.S.  just  to make things clear: Microsoft is one of very few vendors
  who  really  cares  about time synchronisation infrastructure security
  during  operation  system  design.  Even flawed this infrastructure is
  much better than any unimplemented or undocumented infrastructure.

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