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Windows Unsafe WAV header handling can cause DoS
[HV-LOW] Unsafe WAV header handling can cause DoS on Windows

Hash: SHA1

Unsafe WAV header handling can cause DoS on Windows

Level: [LOW]-med-high-crit
ID: HEXVIEW*2004*10*21*1

A specially crafted WAV file can cause WAV file property handler
to consume all available CPU resources on Windows XP

Affected products:
All tests were performed on the up-to-date version of Windows XP SP1
with all the latest patches and Windows Media Player 10 installed.

Cause and Effect:
Insufficient data validation for WAV file headers causes explorer to enter
an endless loop where it infinitely reads the WAV file.

Below is an invalid WAV file header. Length of the "fmt " chunk is set to
0xFFFFFFFF (offset 0x10) The usual length of "fmt " chunk is 0x12 bytes.
Windows Explorer property handler thread will enter endless loop trying
to read the file.

00000000 52 49 46 46  42 D0 01 00  57 41 56 45  66 6D 74 20 RIFFB...WAVEfmt
00000010 FF FF FF FF  01 00 02 00  22 56 00 00  88 58 01 00 .........V...X..
00000020 04 00 10 00  00 00 66 61  63 74 04 00  00 00 04 74 ......fact.....t
00000030 00 00 64 61  74 61 10 D0  01 00          

Vendor Status:
Vendor has been notified on 2004-10-20. No response received.

About HexView:
HexView contributes to online security-related lists for almost a
decade. The scope of our expertize spreads over Windows, Linux, Sun,
MacOS platforms, network applications, and embedded devices. The chances
are you read our advisories or disclosures. For more information visit 

This document may be freely distributed through any channels as long as
the contents are kept unmodified. Commercial use of the information in
the document is not allowed without written permission from HexView
signed by our pgp key.

HexView Disclosure Policy:
HexView notifies vendors that have publicly available contact e-mail 24
hours before disclosing any information to the public. If we are unable
to find vendor's e-mail address or if no reply is received within 24
hours, HexView will publish vulnerability notification including all
technical details unless the issue is rated as "critical". If vendor
does not reply within 72 hours, HexView may disclose all details for
critical vulnerabilities as well.

If vendor replies within the above mentioned time period, HexView will
announce the vulnerability, but will not disclose the details required
to reproduce it. HexView will also specify the date when full disclosure
containing all the details will be published. The time period between
announcement and full disclosure is 30 days unless there is an agreement
with vendor and appropriate justification for extension. If vendor
resolves the issue earlier than 30 days after announcement, HexView will
publish full disclosure as soon as the fix is available to the public.

HexView also reserves the right to publish any detail of any
vulnerability at any time.

Feedback and comments:
Feedback and questions about this disclosure are welcome at 

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