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Windows 2003 Insecure Default Service DACL's
Insecure Default Service DACL's in Windows 2003

To the list, 

In my documentation of the Default DACL on Windows 2003 Services, I have
found and confirmed the following: 

Both the Distributed Link tracking Server Service and Internet Connection
Firewall Service have the Default DACL of Everyone:Full Control, which
basically lets anyone connect to the SCM and start and stop these services
at will, which in the case of the Internet Connection Firewall Service could
cause many headaches for your service based systems. 

I guess Microsoft's forgot to didn't care to properly set the DACL's on
these services to properly secure them against inproper modification. 

For those that use WIn2k3 now on your systems, best way to remove this issue
is to utilize a Custom Security template and recofigure the DACL and add a
SACL of Everyone ( All Settings Failure) and Start, Stop, Pause ( Success)
if you want to check if someone other than the System account is accessing
these services. 


Edward Ziots
Windows NT/Citrix Administrator
Lifespan Network Services
MCSE,MCSA,MCP+I,M.E,CCA,Security +, Network + 

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