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Windows Mobile Pocket PC Security
Windows Mobile Pocket PC Security

Windows Mobile Pocket PC Security

by Seth Fogie - VP of Airscanner Corporation 

Seth Fogie, VP of Dallas-based Airscanner Corporation presents the latest in our series of security audio sessions. Mr. Fogie, an expert in the field of mobile computing security, discusses all the major security issues that are affecting Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices.

Some of the topics covered include:

Worms, trojans and backdoors

Insecurities in wireless connectivity

Denial of Service attacks

Specific problems (ActiveSync, autorun SD/CF cards, buffer overflows)

PDA device as an attack platform

Tips on securing your PDAs.

The audio session is 13:58 minutes long and is streamed in Flash format. 

You can listen to this audio session by pointing your browser here 

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